Medical Officer of Health Speaks Out Against Anti-COVID Rally


The Medical Officer of Health for Windsor-Essex is sending a message to those who plan to attend Sunday's anti-COVID-19 rally.

As AM800 news reported on Tuesday, an anti-COVID-19 rally will take place in Windsor on Sunday. It's being billed as The Great Ouellette Avenue Demonstration.

Organizers are asking the community to stand together against lockdowns, shutdowns, forced quarantines and mandatory masking.

"It's events like these, that's what puts everyone at risk," says Dr. Wajid Ahmed.

Dr. Ahmed says he tries to respect everyone’s opinions but facts are indisputable, so some of the comments he’s heard are totally absurd.

"They are lying, they're misquoting information and they do not have any ability to understand anything but they pretend that they know something that nobody else knows and they are probably the smartest people in the world," he says. "They do not understand or they do not listen to an expert or a public health professional."      

These types of events put the community at a greater risk, according to Dr. Ahmed.

"I really worry about these people," he says.  "How these individuals continue to share these types of messages and continue to propagate some of these messages; they are doing a complete disservice to the entire community."   

He says spreading false information and theories with no scientific proof is dangerous.

"People can make decisions for their own but if you are creating that culture and impression in the community, it goes beyond you and then when more and more people are buying into that philosophy, it increases the risk to the community," he added.

Sunday's rally begins at 1p.m. at the foot of Ouellette Avenue and Riverside Drive at The Great Canadian Flag.

Organizers say participants will march to the health unit building at the corner of Ouellette Avenue and Erie Street.