Medical Officer of Health Wants Social Gatherings to Stop Immediately


The Medical Officer of Health for Windsor-Essex is warning that case counts in our region are increasing at a rapid rate, much higher than what public health can handle.

Because most of the new cases are coming form close contact, Dr. Wajid Ahmed is asking the public to do its part in following public health guidelines.

He says despite every measure or closure that is put into place, it's still up to the people who have to follow the public health measures.

"Even though 90 per cent of the people are following, if 10 per cent of the people are not following, that can result in a significant widespread transmission of COVID-19, so it has to be all of us," he says.

According to Dr. Ahmed, one way to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19  is to refrain from all social gatherings, adding "Because that's primarily the source of acquisition as we are identifying and we are really concerned about these social gatherings, so they need to stop immediately."

Even though the provincial limit for an indoor gathering is still 10 people, Dr. Ahmed says at the end of the day, it's technically not just those people you are inviting into your home.

"When people are looking at their own circle, they think that these are the core people that they are talking and interacting, but in reality it's not, they are probably interacting with 50 other people indirectly," he says. "People may not even show symptoms, they could be infectious even 48 hours before the onset of symptoms."