Meeting being held in Amherstburg this week on Miracle League's future


Amherstburg's mayor says the response from the community has been promising since news that the future of the first Miracle League in Canada is in jeopardy.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says while he may use the term cautiously optimistic a lot, it applies to this situation as the response to the news led to the scheduling of a public meeting.

"I think the media really helped us get the word out, because once the stories got out there people started to reach out," says DiCarlo.  "I think it's something in Amherstburg that we're quite proud of and when it comes down to losing it or stepping up, a lot of people have been inspired to continue the Miracle League.'

As AM800 news reported in late April, the co-ordinators of the Amherstburg league informed the town they're stepping aside after 12 plus years.

DiCarlo says they can only hope once they've explained what's involved that the people who are interested remain that way.

"We've heard from a number of people and some of them have some experience, but not to this extent," says DiCarlo.  "So I'm hoping that we can get enough people involved that we can maintain the Miracle League."

The mayor again wanted to stress however that this week's meeting is not a Town of Amherstburg meeting, but one being put on by the current organizers.

"We are scheduling this meeting but I think we'll really be looking to the organizers to explain to the residents who are interested in what would be required in going forward," says DiCarlo.  "Then of course the Town is doing everything we can possible to help, and so that's why we will also be a part of this to see what concerns are raised."

DiCarlo says he anticipates bringing something back to council following the meeting, and then see where council is at moving forward.

The public meeting on the league's future will be held on Tuesday, May 3 at the Libro Centre beginning at 7 p.m.