Menu App Created In Windsor Expands


A menu-based app created in Windsor is expanding.

Sirved Mobile Solutions is now bringing its free app to travellers and advertising in 385 hotels in Ontario.

The search engine based app allows users to type in a specific food and then menus from local restaurants will be displayed.

It started in Windsor in 2015 and now includes 100,000 menus across Canada and some states in the U.S.

Co-Founder Kyle Brown says the app is great for people with dietary restrictions. "It allows users to actually use this as a search engine so they can type in key words as such chicken or gluten free, or they can type in a specific craving like tikka masala and it will bring you the menu that actually has option on the menu."

Brown adds, the company decided to target travellers during this expansion round. "When travellers actually arrive there, they can look at what to do in the area, different restaurants and we have ads in 385 of those hotels in Ontario."

With more than 33-million hotel guests annually across Canada, 72% of which eat outside the hotel, Brown says Sirved makes discovering new restaurants quick and simple.