Migrant Worker Assessment Centre to Open Tuesday


WINDSOR — A Migrant Worker COVID-19 Assessment Centre and Clinic will open its doors Tuesday to prevent any further deaths in the agri-food worker population.

Through a joint partnership, the centre will open at the Nature Fresh Farm Recreation Centre, formerly the Sherk Centre, in Leamington.

The migrant workers will be transported to the centre in Leamington where they will be tested and assessed.

Speaking on AM800's the Dan MacDonald Show, Erie Shores HealthCare CEO Dr. Ross Moncur says the workers can voluntarily sign up to the tested and they have been in contact with the various farms to schedule appointments.

Dr. Moncur says it is important for the testing to be controlled, with appointments and to provide transportation to the workers to prevent any further spread.

"This is simply an offer both to the employees and employers for facilitated testing, but it has not been mandated by anyone at this point," says Moncur.

Dr. Moncur believes this is a vulnerable population that should be tested.

"I think there has always been some barriers in place for them, language, transportation and a lot of these folks are working so many hours that they don't have the convenience factor for them as well."

He expects the assessment centre and clinic will be up and running for about 10-14 days to test all the workers who wish to be tested.

Over the weekend, a 24-year-old migrant worker passed away from COVID-19.  It follows a 31-year-old Mexican worker who passed away a week ago.

There are over 170 migrant workers who have tested positive for COVID-19.