Mild Weather Expected in October for Windsor-Essex


Windsor-Essex can expect milder than normal temperatures in October.

That's according to Environment Canada Senior Climatologist, David Phillips. 

With more than 40 days above 30C, Phillips tells AM800's The Afternoon News that surrounding lakes are going to help keep temperatures in check.

"They're still warmer, I wouldn't necessarily go swimming but some people are maybe, but certainly they are retaining that heat and it helps to moderate any kind of cool air that comes down," he says

Phillips says both U.S. and Canadian models show good weather days should outweigh the bad.

"Even if you get a foul couple of days, well then hey, some warm weather comes back and it kind of comes and goes. It's kind of a yo-yo kind of month in terms of how the weather is," he says.

Phillips expects the mild temperatures to stick around into early November.