Mild Winter Causing Increased Shoreline Erosion Rates


The Essex Region Conservation Authority is seeing increased erosion rates this winter.

Water Resources Engineer James Bryant says the mild temperatures have prevented "locked-in" shoreline ice.  

He says the ice would prevent waves from hitting area shorelines and would assist with shoreline erosion. 

"What we're seeing is increased erosion rates because we didn't have that real strong ice cover right, so we're seeing some increase erosion because of the waves that have gone through, throughout winter so that's a little bit of a problem," says Bryant.

He says the shoreline ice is needed to assist with the erosion.

"Without that ice there, you get that rate of erosion all year long, right on the near shores so that's been probably the biggest impact so far with this mild winter," says Bryant.

Bryant says ERCA continues to monitor the situation.

He believes the region will be on high alert again this year dealing with high water levels.