Ministry Keeps Eye On Bald Eagles In East Windsor


The Ministry of Natural Resources is well aware of the development taking place in east Windsor and it's proximity to a bald eagle nest.

Work has begun on the new development between Little River Rd. and Riverside Dr., west of Bellagio.

A number of residents and birders have expressed concern that construction equipment is too close to the hedgerow where the nest is located.

Senior Media Relations Officer Jolanta Kowalski says the ministry is monitoring the situation.

She says a conservation officer has attended the location:

"After ensuring the nest hadn't been destroyed, our officer did speak to the site manager and was assured the work being done was not going to be impacting the nest.  We didn't issue a stop-work order at that time, but the officer will be following up with the company as needed," says Kowalski.

She says neighbours and others watching the work are the eyes and ears of the ministry.

"Conservation officers will perhaps visit again if necessary.  They'll follow up on any other tips that they get that might provide more information and depending on whether it's needed, they may once again go to the site," says Kowalski.

She says people may have a misconception of what the rules are for the large birds.

"Bald eagles are listed as specially protected under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.  But there's no official boundary defining how close something can be to the nest.  But of course the nest itself cannot be disturbed but there's nothing that says you can be two inches, two feet or 20 feet away," says Kowalski.

Ward 7 Councillor Irek Kusmierczyk has received several complaints and welcomes the people keeping an eye on the situation.