Monday Deadline for School Learning Model Change


If you want to change the way your child is learning, the deadline is Monday.

At the beginning of the school year, parents were asked to decide if they wanted their child in the classroom or learning virtually from home, with an opportunity to be given to change their mind.

Spokesperson for the Windsor Essex Catholic School Board Emelda Byrne says for elementary students, that window closes on Monday.

"And this give us here at the board office a two week window for students if they were to switch, to virtual or into the in-class component, our HR department to work on staffing organization."

For secondary students at the Catholic board, Byrne says the declaration closes on November 2.

"The rationale for that is that we are in quadmester one and we finish quadmester 1 on November 13 with a couple of days of exams, we begin quadmester two on November 16," she says. "So again, it gives our board staff two weeks before quadmester 2 begins on November 16."

Now that we are well into the school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Byrne says staffing levels at the board are good.

"Staffing for both the in-school component for elementary and secondary as well as the virtual school for elementary, it took some time but we are very fortunate to have all of the staffing that we required in all three levels," she says. "So the virtual for elementary the in-class component for elementary and then the secondary."

Parents of students in the Greater Essex County District School board also have until Monday to decide for both elementary and secondary, whether or not they like their child learning in-class or virtually, at home.

Declaration forms for each school board can be found on the GECDSB and WECDSB websites.

No action is required from parents if they do not wish to make a change.