More frustration as new restrictions go into place


More frustration is being felt by restaurateurs in Windsor as new restrictions go into effect starting today.

As reported on AM800 last week, indoor dancing is banned at all bars, restaurants and nightclubs and those establishments also have to close by 12 a.m.

Mezzo Restaurant and Lounge owner Filip Rocca says he's livid with the new restrictions.

"You want to allow only vaccinated people inside your restaurant, on top of that you have to be six feet apart from the next table, on top of that you need to wear your mask and now you have to be out by 12 o'clock," Rocca says. "It's unbelievable to be honest with you."

Rocca says he has talked to other restaurant owners about the situation.

"Everybody is fuming right now and it's just another kick in the gut for us," he added.

Rocca says the new restrictions are hard to swallow.

"It really is ludicrous," he continued. "Get your vaccine so you can go and enjoy these things and now there's a curfew on it. I just don't understand it, it just doesn't make sense."

The restrictions are being introduced as a result of rising cases locally, and any establishments not following the regulations could face charges.