More Funding Possible for Assumption Church Restoration


After years in limbo Assumption Church re-opened last week, and now it's in line for more funding to help restore the historic building.

The city pledged $250,000 towards restoring the oldest church west of Montreal almost 10-years ago. 

Now that the structure of the 174-year-old building has been declared sound and parishioners have been welcomed back, the church is cashing in on that promise.

Paul Mullins will be on hand for the discussion at the Development and Heritage Standing Committee meeting Monday night.

Mullins has been at the forefront of the project and is excited to gather cash to go towards the next phase of the restoration.

"I'm very pleased administration is making a positive recommendation in that regard," he says.

He hopes the city's commitment to the historic site continues.

"They recognize the importance of the historic building; to the history of the community.  I'm very optimistic about their ongoing support."

Mullins says last week's "standing room only" mass is a testament to the importance of the church.

"To see the joy and happiness for people to be back into that building that had been lost and now is saved was really a pleasure to experience," he added.

Mullins tells AM800 News the next phase of the restoration project is plaster and paint at a cost of $2.25-million.

An estimated $14-million to $20-million is needed for the entire project.