More progress on NextStar Energy Inc. electric battery plant


Progress has begun on the construction of the future NextStar Energy Inc. electric battery plant. 

Berms will be put around, the 220-acre property and new pavement has been put down, beginning the construction of the $4.5-million square foot plant.  

A new transformer station and double circuit transmission line connecting a newly approved line from Chatham to the Lauzon Station was also announced by Hydro One on Tuesday, October 4. 

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says the plant will create a variety of different jobs. 

"There is great excitement in the short term with all of the construction jobs over the next couple of years. But the real impact will be felt long term where we have 3,000 people from our community working in this new factory, building the batteries that will power the cars of the future."

Dilkens says they have worked with the province on this project.   

"We've been very diligent in trying to align all of our resources and trying to get the province to align their resources to make sure the power is where it needs to be when it needs to be there."

Windsor's Commissioner of Economic Development and Innovation Jelena Payne says everyone is working together towards a 2025 completion. 

"We are here to support all of the partners through this journey and to ensure that this investment comes to fruition and it's a success for our community.  Everybody is doing their part, everybody's delivering and that that's why we have such great momentum."

Around 100 workers are currently working on-site with an additional 500 workers expected in the next few months.

The plant site is located at Twin Oaks Drive off Banwell Road, just south of the EC Row Expressway.