More Than Two Dozen Military Members Test Positive for COVID-19


28 Members of the Canadian Armed Forces have tested positive for COVID-19 since being deployed to work in long-term care facilities in Ontario and Quebec.

In a statement on Thursday, the armed forces said that is compared to only five who had caught the respiratory illness last week.

After previously stating it would only provided updated numbers every two weeks, military now say numbers will be published daily, suggesting it’s expected more cases will pop up as service members continue to work in long-term care homes.

16 of the positive cases reported Thursday were from service members deployed in long-term care homes in Quebec while the other 12 were in Ontario.

Nearly 1,700 members of the armed forces are working in 30 long-term care homes where regular staff have been overwhelmed by COVID-19, providing medical assistance but also serving in support roles such as cleaning, serving food and assisting with residents' basic needs.

All service members deployed to such facilities have reportedly been equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) and training in how to use it.


— With files from The Canadian Press