Motion for City Wide Speed Limit Reduction Going to Council


A motion to reduce the speed limit city wide has passed at the committee level.

Ward 8 councillor Gary Kaschak made the motion and says speeding is the most common complaint he receives from residents.

The motion, which calls for a 40km/h speed limit on all residential streets, still has to go to council for more discussion and a final vote.

Kaschak says residents have been asking for this.

"Us, as councillors, hear this all the time about residential speeds, speeding all throughout the city, but certainly residential speeds. It's certainly a key element to start with reducing residential speeds to 40km/h."

He says a speed reduction is just one part of a bigger puzzle.

"We've got various things ongoing which will supplement that. The speed trailers, the curb bump outs, the increased enforcement and a traffic calming policy which is going to come out soon."

Kaschak says it's all about public safety.

"The report says a speed limit reduction would be an important component of an overall speed reduction strategy that incorporates other measures. So we get to that situation first, then we proceed with Vision Zero and traffic calming to get us to that desired speed. Public safety in the city is of utmost importance to me."

Councillor Fred Francis was the lone committee member to vote against the motion stating concerns over thinning police resources for enforcement.

There's no word yet on when the motion will come before council for further discussion.