Motion to Advance Funding for Sandpoint Beach Goes Before City Council

Sandpoint Beach in Windsor, Ont., on July 16, 2019. (Chris Campbell / CTV Windsor)

As promised, Ward 7 Councillor Jeween Gill is putting forward a notice of motion to accelerate the assessment of Sandpoint Beach at tonight's Windsor City Council meeting.

Gill announced he'll be looking to tap into funding from the city's 10 Year Capital Spending Plan to explore the idea of moving the beach further east with the support of Mayor Drew Dilkens last week.

The move comes after the latest drowning in a treacherous area of the beach that took the life of a 24-year-old man on May 22.

Ward 4 Councillor Chris Holt doubts anyone opposes making the beach safer.

"That being said, I need a lot of answers from administration on the ramifications of pulling this forward," he says. "For instance, is it going to be effecting any other capital projects?"

There will be plenty of discussion on how the decision could affect the city's overall budget, according to Holt.

"I'm looking forward to a good debate and I'm looking forward to understanding how this will effect the grand clock work that is our municipal budget," he added.

Holt expects many councillors to question the long-term implications of the move.

"We all have safety and security issues in our own Wards as well, but maybe the mayor hasn't latched on to it and ushered it to the front of the line, so we need to understand this," he says. "We need to understand the fallout and budget implications, that's all."

The city's budget includes $1.1-million dollars within the 10-year Capital Spending Plan with $227,500 for an Environmental Assessment to explore moving Sandpoint Beach further east along the waterfront.

City council gets underway at 1 p.m.