MTO and County of Essex enter formal agreement for expansion of Highway 3


The County of Essex has formally entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation regarding the expansion of Highway 3. 

During Wednesday's County Council meeting, a presentation was made from the MTO with an update on the construction, and to look to enter into the formal agreement, which was approved by council. 

The MTO has been progressively widening Highway 3 from a two-lane highway to a four-lane highway for a number of years now. 

During the upcoming 2024 construction season the MTO wants to proceed with expanding Highway 3 from 1.1 kilometres east of County Road 23 to 1.1 kilometres east of County Road 34, from Essex to Leamington. 

The detail design of this phase is set to be completed by early 2024, and this will now allow the County an opportunity to comment during the construction. 

When construction begins there will be numerous side road closures in the county at Highway 3 including Cameron Road and Concession 9, Marsh Road and McCain Side Road and South Talbot Road.

Traffic lights will also be installed at County Road 18, Division Road, Belle River Road and Arner Townline.


Proposed road closures for Highway 3 expansion. November 1, 2023 (Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Ministry of Transportation)

The agreement also allows for better communication between the MTO and the County, timely review and responses to questions from both sides, minimum maintenance of basic service such as garbage collection and winter control, and permission to enter on and modify County roads as required.