Multi Cultural Council to assist Afghan refugees arriving in Windsor


Afghan refugees will soon be arriving in Windsor-Essex as they escape the chaos in their home country.

Fred Francis is the Director of Programs and Development at the Multi Cultural Council of Windsor and Essex County.

Francis says more 800 Afghans landed in Toronto, and after quarantine they're now being relocated to communities across Canada.

He's calling it a heartbreaking situation.

"I think anyone that's tuned into the TV the last few weeks has seen the situation in Afghanistan deteriorate very, very quickly and a lot of people needed help. Those that supported Canada, supported our troops and our service men and women over there needed help and we were able to get some of them out."

Francis says the Multi Cultural Council is ready to assist.

"Through the Multi Cultural Council, with the resettlement process, it's everything you could imagine from health to education to social to any other needs they may need going through a traumatic experience like they have in the last few weeks."

He says the council takes pride in providing a safe haven for those in need.

"We accept people from all parts of the world. Often times they're coming from places that are war torn and they'll tell us when they come to Canada they feel like they've won the lottery because, in comparison to the country they're coming from, there's peace, there's stability, there's working infrastructure, there's working services."

Francis says, so far, two families have confirmed they'll be coming to the Windsor area — there's no word yet if more are on the way.

The Taliban officially returned to power in Afghanistan after the final American soldiers withdrew from the country Monday night bringing an end to 20 years of western intervention.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi