Musyj Shares Premier's Frustration Over COVID-19 Testing


The President and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital is agreeing with Premier Doug Ford in expressing shock by a recent drop in COVID-19 testing across the province.

Data shows less than 10-thousand tests have been processed on each of the past three days and for a fourth straight day the province has fallen short of its goal of doing at least 16,000 tests per day.

Premier Ford says the number of tests must increase, adding he won't hesitate to roll back recovery measures if there's a surge in new cases.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, David Musyj says he shares the premier's frustration.

"I don't know what the hesitation is. Does it cost money? I guess, but he's willing to spend it. We have the teams, all the hospitals, EMS ready to roll. Go into the facilities, do massive swabbing, we could do that weekly if need be, non-stop," he says.

When it comes to long-term care and retirement homes, Musyj says testing could be done weekly.

"At least allow then when staff come back positive, pull them out, send them home and try to protect the residents in the facility," says Musyj. "Also when the residents become positive, segregate them. Only have certain staff work with certain residents so they have hopefully no ability to spread it to spread it to others in the facility."

Musyj says we need to have as much information as possible

"And the only way we do that is swab and test, swab and test, swab and test and keep doing that. He wants to get up to 100,000 a day, I agree with him 100 per cent."

The reaction to the lag in testing comes at a time when the number of new cases is holding steady and the province is entering the first phase of its economic recovery plan.