My Body was Shutting Down: Local COVID-19 Patient


A local resident who tested positive for COVID-19 is sharing his story.

Speaking on The Morning Drive, Phil Beneteau says he and his mother both have the virus.

He says they went to Florida on March 13 and planned on staying there for March Break but came back home two days later. When they returned, they self isolated in his home but became ill.

"Around Wednesday or Thursday is when my mom kind of got a little bit of a cough and I felt normal until Friday and on Friday night, I couldn't even sleep like I had a fever, I had every symptom you could think," says Beneteau.  

He says he has had the flu before but this virus felt different.

"I didn't have any nauseous symptoms or anything but you're whole body feels like it's shutting down. Like your lungs from the inside out just feel like they're just heavy and your head is pounding."   

Beneteau says his mom's symptoms were getting worse and he took her to the emergency department where she first received a prescription for pneumonia.

"Unfortunately the pills were not working at all and my mom's breathing was really really bad and the oxygen levels were really low so she was actually admitted to the hospital on the 30th," he says.

Beneteau says they were both tested on March 21 but it took about 10 days for the results to come back.

He says he is at home recovering but his mother remains in hospital.