National urban park effort in Ojibway Shores gets big funding boost from Parks Canada


A major step forward in establishing a National Urban Park in Ojibway Shores.

Parks Canada has announced it'll put forward nearly $600,000 in 2022 and 2023 for what its calling a 'Windsor Urban Park Assessment.'

Windsor-West MP Brian Masse has been spearheading the effort for an urban park for a number of years and says the funding will help bring the idea to fruition.

He says the money will pay for an in depth study.

"Nearly $600,000 is being allocated not only just to map the really sensitive environmental areas, but also the ancillary green spaces in the city. So this is really important for how the species at risk and other species co-habitate. This is really good news because we need to get this mapping."

Masse says the study will confirm what many people already know.

"This really confirms what we've known for so long and it goes back almost three years when we had this special meeting at south Windsor arena where the community came together about a national urban park and the significance of the environment," he continued. "This is really special because it really validates the significance of our environmental species at risk down here."

He says it's an amazing location that needs to be spotlighted.

"I think this is about rebranding for our future, having a brand new border crossing with our own Point Pelee right in the City of Windsor. This provides green spaces, excellent habitat that can be actually developed even further. Having Parks Canada's flag planted firmly in Windsor-West is a big achievement," Masse stated.

The funding from Parks Canada will go to the City of Windsor to conduct the assessment of the area and its unique characteristics.

If approved, the Ojibway National Urban Park would connect Ojibway Shores and Ojibway Park forming one protected property.