NDP aim to prioritize health care investments in Windsor-Essex

NDP candidates Ron Leclair, Lisa Gretzky and Gemma Grey-Hall outside of Windsor Regional Hospital's Ouellette campus(photo by Rob Hindi)

The New Democrat Party is promising to prioritize health care in Windsor-Essex. 

The NDP is looking to put efforts towards the new hospital in the region by making sure it is built on schedule. 

They also intend to restore hospital funding and want to ensure it keeps up with inflation, population, growth and aging. 

NDP candidate, Lisa Gretzky says many nurses are leaving the profession.

"They are either going to the States to work or they're leaving the profession all together because they're simply burnt out and they're not respected by the Ford government. We've seen them bring in Bill 124 which directly attacks our frontline healthcare workers, that is starting to cause nurses to leave the profession by the thousands." 

Gretzky says it's important to address the big investments the city needs and pre plan for the future. 

"What I'm hearing about is the surgery wait times or them having to go outside our community. The mental health wait times and the fact that if they want mental health services quickly, they have to pay with a credit card rather than their OHIP, something we've committed to doing away with and reducing those times." 

Gretzky says they plan to invest in the new hospital and are committed to ensuring there is a 24 hour emergency services at the Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette Campus.  

She says the party would repeal Doug Ford's Bill 124 and would hire 30,000 nurses across the province. 


With files from AM800's Rob Hindi