NDP Promising to Create Over 1-Million Jobs to get Canadians Back to Work


In a campaign-style visit to Windsor on Wednesday, Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is promising to pay and protect the essential workers who got us through the pandemic.

New Democrats say the Better Jobs. More Jobs. plan will improve the quality of workplaces for Canadian workers, build the infrastructure communities need, increase domestic production capacity for vaccines, personal protective equipment and other things Canadians need and support the workers who care for our loved ones.

“Even before the pandemic, life was getting harder for lots of people, and good jobs with decent wages and basic benefits were getting harder and harder to come by. It shouldn’t be this way,” said Singh. “Canadians deserve a government that is on their side, that won’t just talk a good talk but will make life better for workers and their families.”

From Coventry Gardens on Riverside Drive, Singh outlined that his plan will help create over one million good new jobs, by:

  • Building better workplaces, because we know that creating jobs means treating workers as essential at all times, and not just during emergencies.
  • Putting people to work building up our communities, because building housing and infrastructure will lead to more jobs and stronger communities in every region.
  • Helping Canadian workers make products that people want and need, and that will better position us to fight the climate crisis and build the economy of the future.
  • Creating good jobs for those who care for our loved ones. Good wages, benefits and stable, full-time work are the basics that these workers deserve.