New Bike Bus Brings City Cyclists To The County


A new initiative is hoping to help city cyclists get out to enjoy the county.

As heard on The Afternoon News, the Windsor-Essex Bike Bus is being launched to help connect those in the city with trails in Kingsville and Leamington.

A bus will pick up cyclists in downtown Windsor on two Sundays in October to provide the bus service while a second truck will be used as a bike transport. The trip will also include a guide to offer tourism and cycling information and there will be a bike mechanic as well offering minor repairs with a donation.

Justin Lafontaine pushed for the pilot project and partnered with Tourism Windsor-Essex-Pelee Island as well as the Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation.

Lafontaine says it's something he thinks will be well received by the cycling community.

"That was part of the theme I kept hearing from people saying, 'That's a great idea. I wish that could be offered here,'" says Lafontaine. "That's why we put together the pilot just to see in a small way how we can make things work."


Lafontaine hopes the trip is a convenient way to help cyclists enjoy what the region has to offer.

"People will be able to get on in downtown Windsor with their bikes and they'll be able to get off in either Kingsville or Leamington's Point Pelee [National Park], explore, cycle for the day and then get back on the bus and come back."

Lafontaine hopes to see the pilot turn into an established tradition in Windsor-Essex.

"We've launched it and we're looking forward to the response that we get from the community here in Windsor and also other folks throughout the county," says Lafontaine.

The bus trips are being offered on October 15 and October 29, leaving downtown Windsor at 10am and arriving in Kingsville at 10:45am and in Leamington's Point Pelee National Park at 11:15am. The bus will head back to Windsor by leaving Point Pelee at 4:45pm, a pick-up stop in Kingsville at 5:15pm and arriving back in Windsor at 6pm.

Tickets for a round trip are $25 for adults and $20 plus fees for those under 18.

For more details visit WEBikeBus