New Bus Terminal Opens in West Windsor


Transit Windsor's newest bus terminal is now open.

It's located on Prince Rd. at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in the west-end.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says riders who use the new terminal will be able to connect to four different bus routes. 

He says the site features new bus shelters and lighting but some finishing touches still need to be completed later this month.

"Still to come will be the real time information signs but we're excited our riders have a facility that they'll be able to go in, if they got to wait between buses," says Delmore. "They have the area they can go into the coffee shop, in the hospital. It's just a great spot for us to be able to connect four different bus routes."


Site of a proposed west-Windsor bus terminal at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare on the corner of Prince Rd. and Glenfield St. on Thursday March 8, 2018. (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)

The new terminal replaces an old terminal on College Ave.

Delmore says the $1.6-million project was on budget but not on time.

He says the goal was to have the terminal open by Labour Day weekend.

An official grand opening celebration will take place later this year.