New Cannabis App Launched in Windsor


A Windsor based company has launched a new app.

"Our product is called Broccoli and it's a survey app that allows us to survey consumers that are using cannabis," says Audacia Bioscience CEO Dr. Phillip Olla.

Dr. Olla says the app pays cannabis users to answer surveys about cannabis consumption. 

He says the app establishes a secure and transparent platform for enthusiasts to engage and share data.

It will also assist producers, physicians and pharmacists connect with patients and customers.

Dr. Olla says his team consists of six employees and they starting working on the app last year.

"Specifically since cannabis has become legal because we that there is a problem with what knowledge is available when you're trying prescribe cannabis," says Olla.  "So what we've done is, we've developed these products to help us create the data that we need to be able to prescribe cannabis safety."

He says the main purpose of the app is to generate knowledge of what consumers are doing.

"The problem with cannabis is what don't have enough knowledge and information so the way we're going to tackle this is by crowd sourcing that information from people so we're giving away the app," says Olla.  "It's free to download and we provide you with questions and surveys specific to some of the things we need to know."

Dr. Olla says the app is available in the App Store and will be launched in Android's PlayStore later this week.