New Development Fee Rules Up for Discussion in Amherstburg


Amherstburg Town Council has some decisions to make when it comes to development fees.

Several changes to the Development Charges Act came into effect in the New Year. In some situations developers can defer fees owed to the town for a certain period of time or spread them out over equal payments.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo isn't sure of the long term impact of the changes, but in the short term, the town still has to pay its building department staff.

"We now have to figure out how to cover costs that we would have normally received up front and still maintain paying our bills while the development charges are delayed," he says. "An option I guess we do have is it to charge interest. That is the recommendation for council and we'll see where that discussion goes."

DiCarlo tells AM800 News charging interest is the best option to protect taxpayers.

"Without collecting the cost for that it still has to be paid for. In the long run we have to find a way to recoup any kind of cost that we would have to put back on the residents," added DiCarlo.

The interest rate being proposed in the report is set at 0.5 percent.

Amherstburg Town Council gets underway at town hall at 6pm.