New Dollarama Store Expected to Receive Incentives from City


A proposed Dollarama store in Sandwich Town is the latest to benefit from the city's Sandwich Community Improvement Plan.

On Monday, the Development Standing Committee approved incentives worth up to $166,000 for the project.

The store is taking over the former Westside Foods Olde Towne Grocer which has sat vacant for more than a year.

Councillor Chris Holt says the value for the incentives will vary.

"It's really hard to pin point right now but I think the final dollar figure including loans is about $166,000 right now and as a council this is why we put the community improvement plans in place," says Holt.  "This is really why we're working so hard at getting re-investment in our core neighbourhood."     

Holt adds core neighbourhoods are benefiting from the incentives.

"We want to see investment in our core neighbourhoods," says Holt.  "It's incredibly important, it's something we worked diligently and hard on my entire time on council that's been a focus for me, is getting these investments and we're finally at the point now where developers are interested, developers are coming into these core neighbourhoods and investing money into them."        

Holt believes some developers count on the CIPs.

"We got the jig-saw puzzle right," says Holt.  "We've figured out what incentives, what developers need and we're ensuring that those core neighbourhoods are benefiting from it all, so yeah I'm thrilled."      

Holt did vote against one recommendation that called for $25,000 for facade improvements. He says he could not support that recommendation out of principle after he called for the main entrance to move to the front of the building instead of having the entrance face the parking lot.

The proposed store received final approval from council in June.

Council will discuss the incentives at an upcoming council meeting.