New Expectations for Patrons at the Windsor Public Library


WINDSOR — The Windsor Public Library has updated its Code of Conduct and expectations for its patrons.

New policies include no vaping, not using communication devices like cell phones which disrupts other patrons and only bringing three personal items or bags which applies mostly to the downtown branch because there is less space at its new location.

"We totally understand that everybody uses their cell phone but when you start screaming and yelling in your cell phone, the person sitting next to you trying to study is disrupted," says Windsor Public Library CEO Kitty Pope.

The code also includes previous policies such as no sleeping and no offensive smells.

"That has been in our Code of Conduct for a long time, much to people's surprise," says Pope.  "But it covers issues like, I will give you a couple of examples, we have had young people come into the library letting off stink bombs, letting off bear spray."

She points out the Code of Conduct regarding odour is not targeting or discriminating against homeless people.

"The body odour issue is significantly less than all of those other issues, we have had it in our Code of Conduct for a long time," she says.  "People say well you are just dealing with the downtown branch. Actually we have more issues with offensive odour in our branches than we ever do in our downtown location."

The new code applies to all branches throughout the city, not just the new downtown branch.

Pope says the library is a welcoming space to everyone but, whether someone is homeless or not, if someone is bothering another person or doing something illegal in the library, staff or security will ask that person to leave.