New Fitness Guidelines for Adults Cap Screen Time at Three Hours


New daily fitness guidelines for adults cap recreational screen time at three hours and sedentary behaviour at eight hours.

Public health and academic experts have released 24-hour movement guidelines that spell out how people aged 18 to 64 should split their time on various levels of activities.

The guide encourages seven to nine hours of sleep per day, and caps sedentary time to eight hours -- including no more than three hours' screen time.

The rest of the day should be spent staying active, which can be "light physical activities" such as standing and casual walking.

However, adults should accumulate at least 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity, and work on muscle strength at least twice a week.

Those older than 65 should also work on improving their balance.

Guideline chair Robert Ross, a Queens University kinesiology professor, acknowledges the pandemic has made it harder for some people to remain active but says any activity is better than none.

The guidelines were developed by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Queen's University, ParticipACTION, and other researchers and experts across Canada.

With files from the Canadian Press