New Flair Airlines flights at Windsor International Airport begin this week

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Flair Airlines will begin new direct flights out of Windsor this week.

Starting on Thursday flights to Montreal will start, and then on Friday they begin flying to Halifax.

There will be two departures per week to each destination.

Windsor International Airport CEO Mark Galvin says it's an exciting time for them.

"It's a big week. Obviously we know there's been some struggles in the air sector but these are point to point flights where people are flying direct to Montreal, and flying direct to Halifax. It's a great week for sure and looking forward to it for sure," he said.

Galvin says the booking response has been very positive thus far.

"Halifax has been really gangbusters I guess if you will, and Montreal's not so far behind," he continued. "You know it's a great business model and given their flight times, the Sunday/Thursday and Monday/Friday schedule, you can go for a long weekend or as long as you want to go."

He says one of the biggest draws is getting people off the couch by giving them the opportunity to take in places that they maybe haven't been before.

"And look at these kinds of things and say let's go to Montreal for a long weekend or Halifax. If you haven't been to Halifax or Montreal those are two great Canadian cities to experience. Obviously we're seeing some good bookings and I hope the community embraces it because I'm working on more as they always say," Galvin said.

Flair announced back in April it would be adding direct routes to Montreal, Quebec and Halifax, Nova Scotia, beginning in July.

The direct flights for Montreal is $29 each way, with flights scheduled Thursdays and Sundays.

The flights to Halifax will operate on Mondays and Fridays, with the cost to fly to Halifax starting at $29 and the return flight to Windsor starting at $49.



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