New Home and New Owner for AKO Fratmen


It's official.

The Windsor AKO Fratmen are now the St. Clair Fratmen.

The Saints Student Athletic Association purchased the football club from Mike Morencie.

Association President Kshitij Punj says beginning this summer the Fratmen will begin playing at the new St. Clair Sports Park at the south Windsor campus.

He says the association is taking over the business and game day operations of the program.

"We're looking forward to this and I can't wait to go in the stands of the new sports park and watch this football team play," says Punj. 

He says the association will work closely with the coaching staff.

"Some part or some percentage of the team will have to be St. Clair students," says Punj.  "We're still talking to the coaching staff how they would like to do it."

Last season, there were about 30 players who attended St. Clair College.

The team will be sporting St. Clair's colours - green, yellow and white.

Head Coach Mike Lachance is also sticking with the team.

He has been head coach for 16 years.