New Kingsville greenhouse to offer locally grown strawberries year round


Do you love locally grown strawberries? Well, you'll soon be able to get them year round.

New Kingsville greenhouse Ever Tru Farms is looking to revolutionize the strawberry market in North America with a new indoor growing process.

This from head of sales and marketing Paul Mastronardi who says a lot of science is going into the operation.

"We're doing a lot of data driven growing now. It's more precision agriculture, meaning we're going to be producing a more sustainable berry. Varieties we're picking are a lot different than what they're currently growing to give that strawberry more shelf life and longevity to last."

This from head of sales and marketing Paul Mastronardi who says his team has spent years refining the process.

"The last six years we've had a little research and development house that we've been growing and testing out of. Then, given the last six months, what's gone on with the supply chain and whatnot, we decided it was time to roll out commercially now. So we have some aggressive expansion plans to scale up."

Mastronardi who says the berries will be shipped across Ontario and the U.S.

The new greenhouse is capable of producing 30,000 cases of strawberries each week with its first crop expected to be ready in March.