New Machine Bringing One Hour COVID Testing to Windsor Regional Hospital


Windsor Regional Hospital will be delivering a new type of COVID-19 test — one that can give results in as little as an hour.

Right now tests are sent to London where it takes 48 hours or more for results.

This from Regional Director of Laboratory Services Jeff Booth who says when things ramp up the hospital will be able to do nearly 400 tests a day.

Booth says the new machine is just as accurate as traditional testing.

"With this methodology and technology, it is on par with the the more traditional methods of testing. In a hospital setting we need to be right all the time. We're trying to be as accurate as possible with any test results we provide."

He says patients already in the hospital with symptoms will take priority when the program begins.

"Due to initial limitations on allocation of test kit availability, not just for Windsor Regional Hospital, but everybody providing this. The company does have plans to ramp up production with a December or January timeframe and we'll be looking to increase our allocation to meet the needs of our hospital patients."

Booth is calling the machine a game changer when it comes to treating patients quickly.

"It will allow for immediate treatment decisions, placement of patients and another important aspect of that will be conservation of personal protective equipment. If we can rapidly either identify or rule out that will help conserve PPE in the long run."

The hospital has purchased the machine needed for the testing while the province has pledged to cover the operational costs.

The new testing machine is expected to arrive in mid-October and be in operation two to three weeks after due to set up time and staff training.

— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides