New Online Tool for Job Seekers for the Gordie Howe Bridge Project


Workforce Windsor-Essex has created a new online tool for all things Gordie Howe bridge related.

It has launched the 'Gordie Howe International Bridge Workforce timeline' to help people looking for a job as well as general information on the construction progress of the $5.7-billion project.

People will be able to see what jobs are available and any upcoming career fairs.

Senior Director Justin Falconer says it is a 'one-stop-shop' for the bridge.

"You can kinda go to this tool and just kinda see, get a lay of the land really quickly visually, what kind of jobs are being recruited or what is happening with the project," he says.

The new bridge will be the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America, spanning 850 metres over the Detroit River and featuring six-lanes of traffic.

Falconer says thousands of jobs will be created.

"Bridging North America projected that there will be 2,500 jobs directly related to the construction and operation of the bridge project over the next 36 years, so there has already been 750 people trained or oriented to access the site," he says.

The online tool can be found at the Workforce Windsor-Essex website.

"This tool goes back to 2015 and shows the present day, but it also has the ability to show future events," says Falconer. "If there are career fairs or training programs or things like that are starting at a future date, we can actually put that on the tool as well."

Workforce Windsor-Essex also estimates more than one-thousand additional spin-off jobs will be created including 296 jobs in retail and 198 jobs in accommodation and food services.