New Sculpture To Light Up Windsor Riverfront


Enwin Utilities is partnering with the Rotary Club of Windsor 1918 and the city of Windsor.

On Monday, Enwin announced it will illuminate the Kinetic Geode sculpture inside the club's Centennial Plaza.

Rotary Club of Windsor 1918 Past President Janet Kelly says the sculpture will be one of the centre pieces for the plaza which is currently under construction. 

She says the club is excited to have Enwin on board.

"They were very excited about it because it made infinite sense based on the fact they're Enwin Utilities and also that not only was the lighted feature but it was also going to be on the waterfront and of course they're responsible for that," says Kelly.  "So it seemed to be a true match."

She says the lights from the sculpture will be seen from just about anywhere.

"It's water jet panels, metal panels with a pattern in them and the light will be inside and it will be a moveable light so it will fluctuate," says Kelly.  "It's actually going to be about seven feet tall and it's going to be right in the middle circular part of the plaza."

The plaza, set to open May 12,  is located between the Spirit of Windsor train and Riverfront Festival Plaza.

It was created to celebrate the club's 100th anniversary along with the city's 125th anniversary.