New seating installed at Alexander Park as part of WECF's 40th anniversary investment


A new feature in Alexander Park.

The WindsorEssex Community Foundation unveiled their 40th Anniversary Community Investment on Wednesday at the park located at 3700 Riverside Drive East.

The new Alexander Park seating area provides a space where community members can gather, rest and enjoy Windsor's waterfront which includes solar lighting, a concrete pad with benches and accessible seating options, as well as newly planted trees and landscaping. 

Project partners Port Windsor and Asamaka Industries added to the initial investment from WindsorEssex Community Foundation, to help bring the legacy project to the community, with the City of Windsor donating the design and construction supervision time.

Tom Touralias, past chair of the WECF Board of Directors, says the theme of the 40th anniversary was to focus on waterfront development projects.

"And so we worked with the City of Windsor and they identified this as a candidate project that they wanted to provide an amenity for residents and users of the park," he continued. "So in collaboration with the City this project was put forward."

He says thanks to support from their partners the project was affordable and adds a new aspect to Alexander Park.

"The Community Foundation and the sponsorship of the project was approximately $30,000, and the City of Windsor also provided in-kind services towards the development of the project. So a very affordable project for the park amenity."

Touralias says when the foundation was originally formed the focus was to improve upon the waterfront, so it's pretty amazing to come full circle.

"This was an amenity to try and enhance the features of this great park. So as you can see where we are here, kind of a nice in between area where residents can come and sit, enjoy the waterfront, and have some nice surroundings. I think the City of Windsor has done an amazing job, kudos to the parks department and the entire team for bringing that together," he said.

The investment is one of several 40th Anniversary Community Legacy Projects being supported by WECF throughout Windsor and Essex County.

The foundation is marking this milestone year throughout the region by creating lasting legacies, working with local municipal and community partners to create projects that will invest in lasting change, value a sense of place and culture, and honour both local history and the future as it unfolds.


A better look at the new space in Alexander Park (Photo taken by AM800's Aaron Mahoney)