New Subdivision Planned for South End of LaSalle by AimeeLow

More residential development is on the way in the Town of LaSalle.

Mayor Marc Bondy says a developer is going through the proper procedures and studies to develop a new subdivision in the the south end of the municipality.

It would be located off Martin Lane and is expected to have between 300 to 375 lots.

Bondy says the town has already approved 235 acres for the development but more approvals are needed.

"If they get all the approvals, usually they have to do a biological study and that's usually a four season time frame, so that's a year, from the timelines I'm hearing probably two to three years," he says.

Bondy says the proposed development is the furthest south a development could go in the municipality.

"There's no infrastructure south of Martin Lane," he says. "So when you go south up to Martin Lane and then you go east to the tracks and then come back south to where it's developed, that's where they can develop. So that's the biggest area now and second to that would be from Victory up to Gary, International area and that will be filled up from there to the tracks."

Bondy says the town tax base is roughly 92% residential.

"The more residential tax base, the less we have to affect the mill rate for tax increases, but I think the good thing with the development of homes, you're going to see more commercial property come especially along Front Rd.," he says.

Bondy says timelines are still unknown but anticipates construction will start in two to three years.