New Tool Launched to Attract and Retain Talent in Windsor-Essex


Workforce Windsor-Essex has launched a new tool to help attract and retain talent in the region.

It's called #STARTYQG, which stands for "Strategies for Talent Attraction and Retention Toolkit."

It consists of a publication with recommendations on how to bring more job seekers to the area such as highlighting the affordability of the region, employment opportunities and weather.

There are also a couple of new online mapping tools designed to show which companies are hiring and for what jobs. 

Project Co-ordinator and Researcher for Workforce Windsor-Essex Julian Villafuerte says this was nine months of research in the making

He says this is a great tool for people looking for a job. 

"We are looking at targeting local job seekers especially those who might be considering leaving the region, to give them a sense of what the breath and diversity and richness of the local job market is," says Villafuerte. 

Villafuerte adds the online mapping tool includes the regions 4500 companies and which ones are hiring.

"Businesses don't have to change a thing about what they are already doing, if they are already posting on indeed or on 42 other sites that we are currently aggravating from then they don't need to change anything," says Villafuerte.  "Our system automatically creates a record for them."

Villafuerte points out many of the jobs are in Oldcastle in manufacturing and in the Leamington-Kingsville region in agriculture.

Windsor-Essex currently has a jobless rate of 7.5% in December — the third highest in the country.

As of this now, there are 1,800 jobs available in Windsor-Essex.