No Charges in SIU Probe into Windsor Police Arrest


The province's Special Investigations Unit has concluded a probe into the arrest of a man by Windsor Police. 

On December 2, 2020 there was a police chase in south Windsor that was called off for safety reasons as speeds reached nearly 100km/h. 

Shortly after, there was a hit and run involving another vehicle on Dougall and EC Row. 

The suspect vehicle then crashed into a pole where the driver was arrested on impaired driving charges. 

The SIU says the 39-year old man was placed in a prisoner transport vehicle, but police became concerned with the suspect's breathing and pulled over when he became unconscious and slid off the bench in the back of the wagon. 

While stopped, the SIU says the man tried to escape, was again restrained and taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured spine. 

The Director of the SIU says there are no grounds to believe police committed a criminal offence in connection with the injury and, as a result, no charges will be laid.