UPDATE: Production Resumes at Windsor Assembly Plant


Production has resumed at the Windsor Assembly Plant after some workers refused to work due to fears over the coronavirus.

Around 2 p.m. on Thursday, more than 150 workers refused to work because one of their colleagues had self-isolated because their spouse was being tested.

Ministry of Labour Spokesperson Janet Deline says a ministry inspector was called in to investigate the complaints and the plant was deemed to be a safe work environment.

She tells AM800 News the disruption began Thursday afternoon.

"It was reported to us that approximately 166 workers were refusing work over fears that a co-worker had a spouse in self isolation and they were waiting COVID-19 testing results," she says.

Deline says an investigation began, adding "One of our inspectors attended the work place but they determined that the refusal actually did not meet the criteria of an actual work refusal so no orders or requirements were issued and our investigation is complete."

Production resumed around 3 p.m.