No Evidence To Proceed In Trial Argues Defence In Boom Boom Room Shooting


The defence for two men charged in a downtown Windsor shooting has argued there isn't forensic evidence to proceed with the trial.

22-year-old Kevin Nyadu and 26-year-old Shadrack Amankwa, both of Brampton, are charged in the October 2014 shooting at the Boom Boom Room where a bouncer was shot.

Devonte Pierce was shot in the back and survived.

Nyadu is charged with attempted murder and weapons charges. 

Amankwa is charged was accessory to commit attempted murder along with weapons charges.

The defence put forth an application Wednesday morning asking the judge to acquit the two men due to a lack of forensic evidence.

"There is no direct evidence, not even a scintilla of evidence against Kevin Nyadu in the attempted murder of Devonte Pierce," argued Nyadu's lawyer Patricia Brown.

Brown and Amankwa's lawyer Julie Santarosa told the judge there is no evidence to support a finding of guilt.

They pointed out the DNA on the gun did not match the two men and there weren't any fingerprints on the gun.

Assistant Crown Tim Kavanagh argued the two men were seen running from the scene right after the shooting and a witness inside the club said a man dressed in red was seen with a BB gun or gun.  When Nyadu was arrested, he was wearing red.

The judge has reserved his decision for a future date.