Omstead Opens Federal Campaign in Chatham-Kent Leamington


Katie Omstead is making another push to represent Chatham-Kent Leamington in Canada's 2019 Federal Election.

It's the Leamington natives second attempt to win the riding for the Liberal Party; she was defeated by Conservative MP Dave Van Kesteren by just 2,300 votes back in 2015.

She tells AM800 News the narrow defeat only strengthened her resolve.

"I did it because I really felt that our community was being left behind and I wanted to be that strong voice and that hasn't changed over the past four years," she says.

Omstead opened her campaign office at 103 King St. W. in Chatham last week and plans to open an office in Leamington soon, but the public school teacher has been knocking on doors since April.

She says the Conservative push to keep the Carbon Tax and the SNC Lavalin Affair in the media isn't swaying everyday residents.

"What I hear from people are the things that impact their daily lives. The cost of living, the erosion on the shoreline, concerns about Doug Ford's cuts to healthcare and education. I don't think it necessarily matches what we've seen in the media to what I hear on the doorstep," says Omstead. "They want to continue as a country to help everyone out, not just help a few here and there and I think the Liberal government and the Liberal team has the best plan for that."

With Van Kesteren not seeking re-election, David Epp will step into the political arena for the Tories.

Tony Walsh will take another run at office for the NDP; he was 10,000 votes behind Omstead in 2015. Mark Vercouteren was a non-factor in the last election for the Green Party with less than 2,000 votes, but he will be on the ballot in 2019.

John Balagtas is running for the newly formed Peoples Party of Canada.

Canada's 43rd Federal Election gets underway on October 21st.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.