Ontario Auto Insurance Rates Continue To Trend Lower


According to a report from the website LowestRates.ca, you are paying less for auto insurance.

Its 2018 Auto Insurance Price Index shows Ontario residents paid 4.9% less in 2017 than in 2016.

Director of Consumer and Industry Relations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada in Ontario, Pete Karageogous says there's upward pressure on rates, but a provincial government push for lower rates.

Speaking on the Lynn Martin Show on AM800, Karageogous says where you live can make a difference, but it's not clear cut. "In areas that have more congestion, more drivers, more vehicles on the roads may see more collisions.  So rural areas tend to less traffic and because of that perhaps less collisions but the problem sometimes is in those rural areas the collisions are of a higher severity"

Fraud and an increase in the minimum wage have contributed to higher insurance costs.

The LowestRates.ca report found Alberta drivers are seeing increases of upto 5% more than last year.