Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Wants More Collaboration


Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Steven Del Duca wants to develop a better working partnership with municipalities.

Speaking in Windsor outside of the Downtown Mission Thursday morning, Del Duca announced his Urban Renewal Plan which includes a $30-million fund to help with main street revitalization and business retention, as well as helping police officers deal with people with mental health issues.

The plan is focused on municipalities with less than 400,000 people.

Del Duca was joined by Windsor City Councillor Rino Bortolin who ran provincially in Windsor-West.

The Ontario Liberal Party Leadership committee is holding a leadership debate in Windsor tThursday) at the Hellenic Centre at 6:30pm.

Del Duca says his leadership style is more about collaboration.

"It is very clear over the first year and a half that Doug Ford has been premier of the province that there is no respect for municipalities, in terms of the funding cuts, the downloading that has already started," he says. 


Del Duca has visited 130 communities in Ontario in the past 9-10 months. 

"Nobody tells me that they would prefer that Ontario go back to burning coal to produce our electricity or eliminate full-day kindergarten or do a whole series of other things," he says.  "Having said that, people do understand and I understand that we were not a perfect government. I was raised to believe that experience is the best teacher in life and having had that front row seat to see how we got some things very right and some things not as right, I think is invaluable."

Del Duca is one of six candidates vying for the Liberal leadership role, to replace Kathleen Wynne.   

The Liberal leadership convention takes place Saturday, March 7, 2020.