Ontario Liberals Lay Out Plan for Back to School


The Ontario Liberals have put together a plan to safely get students back in the classroom in September, but it's a costly one.

The $3.2-billion proposal calls for 15,000 additional elementary teachers and 2,000 more high school teachers to reduce class sizes to 15 students

As heard on AM800's The Afternoon News, Liberal party leader Steven Del Duca believes everybody is dealing with anxiety over the lack of clarity on the back-to-school issue.

"I wanted to make sure that we put something out that helps the government understand what the order of magnitude is that's required in order to make this successful," he says.

According to Del Duca, he investment the Liberal party is proposing the government make, is also calling for an additional 10,000 custodians across the province.

"Two new custodians for every elementary and every high school," he says. "That would also help the schools stay open, stay clean and stay safe."

Del Duca says this is something that needs to be an effort across all party lines and all levels of government.

“We have five or six weeks to get this right, if we don't get it right, the cost to me is going to be brutal." he says. "Our students won't continue to learn or be safe while they're trying to learn, moms and dads won't have that piece of mind and that's going to harm the economic recovery as well."

With two kids, both in the elementary school system, Del Duca says he wouldn't hesitate to send his kids back to school in September five days a week if there is a clear plan with proper safety measures in place.

He says as of right now, there is too much uncertainty causing too much stress and anxiety.


— With files form AM800's Rob Hindi and Zander Broeckel