OPP offers safety tips ahead of Halloween night


Trick-or-treaters will be out for Halloween night Tuesday, and the Ontario Provincial Police are giving tips to parents, children, and drivers for the night. 

While safety on the night is everyone's responsibility, OPP say there are ways to make sure everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. 

Some of those reminders include that children and parents should always walk on a sidewalk if one is available, and to use crosswalks to cross the street. 

When it comes to costumes, parents are encouraged to dress their trick-or-treaters in bright colours to make them more visible to drivers, and to avoid masks or face coverings that could obstruct their vision. 

Drivers are asked to use extra precaution when driving through residential neighbourhoods, and to remain alert for children who may run across the street in excitement of the night. 

Essex County OPP Constable, Steven Duguay, says visibility is the most important thing.

"It's going to get dark, make sure that the kids are wearing costumes that they can see out of, so there's no masks or anything to obstruct their view, and it's colourful clothing. People are still driving around, people go about their business even though it's Halloween, so drivers have to be able to see these kids going around."

He says for the kids who are going out without a parent this year to use a "buddy system".

"Have a designated friend that you're going to be with the whole night. Don't leave each others side, and if one person has to head home for some reason, make sure you go with them. Don't let anyone walk alone, walk home alone at night. Use that buddy system and make sure the parents know who you're going with, and where you're going, what neighbourhoods you're going to be in."

Constable Duguay says drivers need to take their time, especially in residential neighbourhoods.

"There's nowhere to get on a hurry on Halloween because as we know, kids are excited, and they're not thinking about safety. They're going to dart out from a house and maybe run across the road, so if you're going to slow down make sure you have your full headlights on, taking your time, keep it slow in the neighbourhoods."

Police are reminding the public that if you suspect an impaired driver, or if you see suspicious activity to contact OPP. 

A video on OPP Halloween safety tips can be found by clicking here.