OSSTF District 9 Members Feeling Deflated; Calling for a Delay


The President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation District 9 is asking the Greater Essex County District School Board to delay the start of the school year.

Erin Roy says, as of 1:40 p.m.  Friday some of her members still don't know what they're teaching on Monday morning.

Members are feeling deflated and are calling on the board to delay for a day or two so teachers have time to properly prepare, according to Roy.

"I've asked for a delay so that we can be properly prepared to receive students," says Roy.  "It doesn't have to do  with receiving them in the way of health and safety, all those things have been taken care of however we're having significant staffing challenges because the model, the change of model."   

She says the public board is not happy with her latest tweet calling for the delay.

"Well I can tell you that Director Kelly called me and said she was disappointed that I put that out on Twitter and I said to her, that I'm left with no choice," says Roy.  "I have not slept this week.  It's the highest amount of anxiety I've ever seen from teachers in my educational career.

Roy says teachers like to properly prepare and this is not how they operate.

"Kids are in your care and maybe over the weekend they would get it but I felt the need to say can we just not buy a couple more days,” added Roy.

She says her members have been emailing her and calling her with their concerns, so this is not the first time she's asked for a delay.

The board's Scott Scantlebury says "the schedule will move forward as it's laid out" and declined to comment further.