Paralympian Danielle Campo McLeod fighting for her life in hospital

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Former gold medal winning paralympic swimmer Danielle Campo McLeod is currently in hospital fighting for her life.

The Windsor-Essex sports hall of famer has experienced major health complications after giving birth to her third child a couple of weeks ago. 

Speaking on AM800's Morning Drive Friday morning, Danielle's mother Colleen Dufour Campo says her daughter has gone through multiple surgeries.

"She's doing a little better,but she's on life support," she continued. "It's very grave, we're just hanging on from minute to minute."

During her pregnancy in August, Colleen says Danielle underwent a C-section and a bowel resection also had to be performed due to complications.

"Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Two steps backwards and one step forward. I want to praise the amazing doctors and nurses, and the nurses in the family birth unit and ICU are amazing. Danielle's on life support fighting for her life with septic shock syndrome," Colleen said.

She says early Friday morning doctors tried something they've never tried before to try and get things moving in the right direction.

"I don't know all the medical stuff but it's working. Her blood pressure has come up a bit, and all her stats are just coming up a bit. But what the doctor said is we got a little bit of hope today. I know it's from all the prayers from Facebook, if you saw Facebook, it just blew up last night."

Colleen Dufour Campo is asking everyone in Windsor-Essex to light a candle and pray for Danielle as she continues to fight.

She says as a mother of three young children and a new baby, it's not Danielle's time yet and they need everyone to continue sending positive thoughts.


- with files from AM800's Morning Drive