Parents balance nerves and excitement over back to school


Legacy Oak Trail Public School officially opened its doors to staff and students on Tuesday, September 7.

Krushnan Mahalingam, the parent of a child heading into the first grade, says while he's nervous and anxious about the return of school his son is excited.

"He was really excited this morning, he wanted to go to school with online classes being there for the last few months and he was looking forward to this one."

It's been a difficult 18 months for parents, and Mahalingam is hoping that in-person learning continues forward without having to revert to back to online learning at some point.

"We don't want that to happen but with everything there's a possibility that it can go," he continued. It's just going to be stressful, it's hard for the kids and parents if it goes back to online we're just hoping fingers crossed that it stays."

Despite the obvious COVID related concerns, Mahalingam is excited to see kids returning to some normal in the classroom.

"As parents we are really excited. We are happy that they're getting to go back to school, they'll be with their same age group. They learn a lot, they just have a good time at school so we are excited for that and really happy," Mahalingam said.

Legacy Oak is the new public elementary school in LaSalle near the Vollmer Centre.