Parents Reminded to Obey No-Parking Signs Around Schools


It's back-to-school time and parking enforcement officers with the city of Windsor will be out watching drivers.

The officers will be out reminding parents about the rules of parking, dropping off or picking up their kids from school.

Parking Compliance and Enforcement Supervisor, Bill Kralovensky is telling all drivers to take a look for any signs to make sure parking is allowed.

While there will be an education grace period for drivers, warnings could also be issued, followed by tickets to those who do not use the designated drop-off sites or parking in no-parking zones.

Kralovensky says the message to parents is simple.

"If you're the parent that has to drive your kids, look up at the signs. If the sign says don't stop, then my suggestion is, don't stop," he says.

Kralovensky recommends drivers park a legal spot, grab your child and walk a block or two.

The fine for stopping or parking in a no-stopping zone is $30 to $40.

He says some drivers have tried to ignore the tickets.

"It's called a drive away. We're there in the middle of writing a ticket, and the parent basically says 'get lost' and they drive away," says Kralovensky. "Then we mail it and that costs you a little extra but they run anywhere from $40 to $50."

CLICK HERE to a find a link detailing the places you can park and parking restrictions around your child's school.

-- With files from Peter Langille